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Relationships: Intimacy Without Risk

C-Change has developed a program titled Relationship: Intimacy Without Risk, which includes a facilitator's guide, training manual, and materials to train local Sesotho facilitators to carry out discussion sessions that aim to stimulate deeper dialogue and discussion around relationship issues, s

2010 Producers: C-Change, FHI 360, AED Topics: HIV and AIDS, HIV Prevention, Multiple Concurrent Partnerships (MCP) Files: 33

For Happy Moments

A series of materials including two TV spots, four radio spots, and a collection of outdoor and press advertisements promoting modern contraceptive methods. In Albania, couples’ use of modern contraceptive methods (MCM) is the lowest in the region.

2010 Producers: C-Change, Academy for Educational Development Topics: Sexual and Reproductive Health, Family Planning Files: 32

Kenya's National Malaria Program 2009-2017: Malaria Communication Strategy 2010-2013

This National Malaria Communication Strategy (2010 - 2013), is aligned to the Kenya National Malaria Strategy 2009 – 2017 and gives strategic guidance to the development, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of the communication and behaviour change influencing the implementation of malar

Sep 2009 Producers: Kenya Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation Topics: Infectious Diseases, Malaria Prevention and Control, President's Malaria Initiative (PMI) Files: 5

Mosquito Out! We are in!

These five posters and one radio spot were developed by the Kenya Malaria Control IEC Technical Working Group for use by all partners (including C-Change/Kenya's partners) to reinforce standardization and consistency in malaria messaging.

Aug 2009 Producers: Population Services International Files: 7

Case Study: Club Risky Business

Addressing multiple and concurrent sexual partnerships (MCP) and other drivers of HIV in Zambia, this fictional mini-series and its associated One Love Kwasila!

Jun 2009 Producers: Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs Topics: HIV and AIDS, HIV Prevention Files: 1

Understanding and Challenging TB Stigma: Toolkit for Action

International HIV/AIDS Alliance, Zambia AIDS-Related Tuberculosis project (Zambart Project), Strengthening TB, AIDS and Malaria Prevention Programmes (STAMP)

May 2009 Producers: AIDSTAR-One Topics: Infectious Diseases, Tuberculosis, Health Communication, HIV and AIDS, People Living with HIV/AIDS Files: 1

Malaria toolkit: Communication for prevention and treatment of malaria

A set of audio informational spots on malaria prevention in Zambia. These address misconceptions and factual information. Topics covered are insecticide-treated nets, intermittent preventive treatment (malaria in pregnancy), malaria treatment, and indoor residual spraying.

Feb 2009 Producers: Health Communication Partnership Topics: Infectious Diseases, Malaria Prevention and Control Files: 6

2007 Kenya Malaria Indicator Survey

The results of this first malaria indicator survey show significant gains have been made in the fight against malaria in Kenya particularly among children less than five years of age. These results have numerous policy implications which are outlined in chapter seven.

Mar 2009 Producers: Kenya Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation Topics: Infectious Diseases, Malaria Prevention and Control, President's Malaria Initiative (PMI) Files: 2

Humanitarian Pandemic Preparedness – Community Planning and Response Curriculum

The partners in the Humanitarian Pandemic Preparedness (H2P) Initiative were able to use developed training curricula for Community Planning and Response in order to minimize morbidity and mortality.

2009 Producers: CORE Group Topics: Infectious Diseases Files: 2


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