Larubeya: By the Sea Shore

2006 Producer/Author: Health Communication Partnership


This radio drama series focuses on the prevention of HIV/AIDS in youth and adolescents. A radio drama was produced as an innovative way to bring HIV/AIDS prevention messages to the 42 Garifuna communities along the Atlantic Coast of Honduras. Larubeya, By the Sea Shore, is the second radio drama produced. Some characters of this radio drama are younger (14 - 16 years old) modeling abstinence behavior, and older characters focus on reduction of sexual partners and condom use as HIV prevention options. The Garifuna IEC Committee organized a community-led group to approach Radio Catolica to request that the radio station reconsider airing of the Garifuna radio drama, to serve the needs of the Garifuna community with messages for multiple options to prevent HIV/AIDS. Radio Catolica accepted the Garifuna IEC Committee's request and broadcasted the second radio drama Larubeya. Since September 2006 it has been reaching most of the Garifuna communities as well as latino communities with HIV/AIDS prevention messages through 11 radio stations. Additional partners of this project include: Enlace de Mujeres Negras, Fundación de Mujeres Garífunas en Marcha, Centro Independiente para el Desarrollo de Honduras, ECOSALUD, Organización Fraternal Negra de Honduras, Comunicando Cambios para la Vida, CONCAVI, and PASMO, Secretariat of Health, HIV AIDS Department, Garifuna musicians and community mobilization volunteers.

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Monitoring & Evaluation

Theatre skits and radio dramas with a realistic portrayal of Garifuna lifestyle are providing positive role models on safe sex for an audience that has proven hard to reach. This approach encourages and facilitates strong involvement of Garifuna individuals, community groups, and NGOs in all stages of the drama design and implementation. As a result, the Garifuna communities have become active partners and promoters of HIV/AIDS prevention and healthy lifestyles through stimulating community participation involving theatre and music to fight HIV/AIDS at the community level.

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