Jamaica National HIV/STI Programme Education Campaign

2012 Producer/Author: Jamaica Ministry of Health


The National HIV/STI Programme (NHP) located within the Ministry of Health is mandated by the Government of Jamaica to coordinate and lead the implementation of the national HIV/AIDS response. The goal of the Programme is to reduce the transmission of new HIV infections while mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS on the people of Jamaica within a sustained, effective multi-sectoral infrastructure and soliciting the necessary commitment to support the national response to HIV and AIDS.

Communication materials developed as part of the NHP campaign, incuding posters and videos, are provided below. For more information, visit the NHP website at http://www.nhpjamaica.org/.



Reason Wid Uself  

This female brochure explores the risk associated with having sex for money or things. These risks include contracting a sexually transmitted infection or HIV. 

Real Big Man  

Small and handy (with a condom inside), this material explores the pros of being a REAL big man by wearing a condom every time. 

Pinch Leave an Inch & Roll (PLR) 

The PLR brochure is small and convenient to carry. It emphasizes the easy, new steps to put on a condom, Pinch, Leave an Inch & Roll.

Ann Gets Tested for HIV 

Ann Gets Tested for HIV is explores the reasons sexually active individuals should get tested for HIV.

Rude Boy Wayne 

Rude Boy Wayne presents a scenario in which the female is victimized by an older, more experienced man. In essence, Rude Boy Wayne provides another side to Hot Girl Mackiesha that depicts a male as the villain.

Living Positive: Living with H.I.V. 

This booklet helps people to understand how HIV attacks the body and what can be done to slow down the attack so that you can stay healthy for a long time.

Let’s Talk About Sexually Transmitted Infections 

This 16 page, low literacy brochure gives an overview of sexually transmitted infections; employing the use of graphics that accurately demonstrates what the text represents. This brochure describes different types of STIs, specifically STIs that cause sores and discharge. Also, information is provided on the main ones transmitted in Jamaica as well as steps to take if think you maybe infected.

Hot Girl Mackiesha

Adrian is a fourteen year-old who is about to lose his virginity to a fifteen year old, hot girl, Mackiesha. Adrian socializes with an older guy by the name of Ralston who tries to bring him into the “game”. Adrian meets Mackiesha at a dance and she “flings” it up on him; turning him on. They want each other, can hardly wait and so they go outside where Adrian loses his virginity under a Mango tree.

Research & Testing

Behavioural factors driving Jamaica's HIV epidemic including multiple sexual partnerships, early sexual debut, high levels of transactional sex, commercial sex and inadequate condom use. These risk behaviours are significantly higher among men than women although women tend to under report risk behavior more than men due to social acceptability bias. Sexual risk behaviours tend to be more culturally acceptable for men than for women. A 2008 national survey of the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices (KABP) of the general population found that among sexually active respondents 61.5% of men and 16.8% of women reported having more than one sex partner in the last 12 months

Monitoring & Evaluation

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