Half the Sky Movement Multimedia Initiative


USAID through the C-Change project, managed by FHI 360, supported the development of 18 short educational and advocacy videos to increase global awareness and bringing about social change for critical health and gender equality and empowerment topics. The videos were developed as part of Half the Sky Movement: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, a multi-donor, multimedia initiative inspired by and in collaboration with Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, authors of the best-selling book Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. The centerpiece of the multimedia initiative is a four-hour PBS television series, which aired October 1-2, 2012. 

The 18 Half the Sky Movement videos produced by Show of Force were filmed in India, Kenya, Somaliland, and Liberia for use by non-governmental organizations (NGOs), governments, and other groups that advocate for and work to bring about community-level change on issues such as family planning/reproductive health, maternal and child health, girl’s education, sex trafficking, women’s economic empowerment, and domestic violence. The videos were filmed in partnership with a cadre of NGOs working in health and development, including CEDPA, Deworm the World, CARE, IRC, SEWA, Girl Child Network, Pathfinder, and others that will engage these products in their existing programming. Videos without English subtitles and in additional formats can be found at http://www.halftheskymovement.org/ngotools.

Through C-Change, USAID has also supported the development of three mobile phone games on health and gender equity, developed by Show of Force partner, Games for Change, which will be launched in the early fall for use in East Africa and India. 

Spotlight on the Half the Sky Movement Videos:

Girls’ Education and Delayed Marriage in India – Pooja’s Story: This video complements the Half the Sky Movement’s mobile game, Family Choices. The video centers on an eighth-grader named Pooja who does not want to get married at age 13 and follow in the footsteps of her mother and other girls in her village. Pooja’s parents and grandparents support her as they believe that delaying marriage and pursuing education is good for Puja and the entire family. 

Domestic Violence in Liberia: A candid and moving discussion about domestic violence that includes the viewpoints of both men and women in Liberia is displayed in this film. The video aims to make the viewer see that domestic violence is not a private ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’ matter but a public health issue that needs discussion and ultimately to be stopped.

Comprehensive Sexual Education in India: This short video in the style of a public service announcement stresses the importance of comprehensive sexual education, highlights the problems lack of it can cause, and argues that it empowers young people to make informed decisions about their bodies, relationships, and health.

Midwifery in Somaliland – Become a Midwife!: Edna Adan, head of the only maternity hospital in Somaliland, encourages women to become midwives through her midwife training program. In the video, Edna describes the program and women who participate in the training tell their stories. Pregnancy related morbidity and mortality are extremely high in the region and Edna and her trainees are determined to change that. 

Girls’ Education and Female Circumcision in Kenya – Maggie the Masaai: This video complements the Half the Sky Movement’s mobile game, Family Choices. It tells the inspiring story of one Masaai family who cast aside community judgment and chose not to circumcise their daughters. The film focuses on Maggie, the second daughter who serves her community as a government health worker. Through the powerful example of this family, many other parents decided to abandon the harmful tradition of female circumcision and early marriage in favor of educating their daughters.

Women’s Empowerment in India: The collective power of women’s self-help groups is demonstrated in this video. The film highlights the individual, family, and community benefits of women joining together, creating solutions, and talking with men about treating their sons and daughters equally, financial savings, and contributing positively to their communities. 

Additional Half the Sky Movement Videos: 

<div class="video-embed-description"> Girls’ Education and Delayed Marriage in India – Puja’s Story </div>
Girls’ Education and Delayed Marriage in India – Puja’s Story
<div class="video-embed-description"> Self Help Groups - India - Women's Empowerment </div>
Self Help Groups - India - Women's Empowerment
<div class="video-embed-description"> Family Choices (Maggie the Masaai) - Kenya - Girls Education/FGM </div>
Family Choices (Maggie the Masaai) - Kenya - Girls Education/FGM
<div class="video-embed-description"> Domestic Violence - Liberia </div>
Domestic Violence - Liberia
<div class="video-embed-description"> Comprehensive Sexual Education - India  </div>
Comprehensive Sexual Education - India
<div class="video-embed-description"> Somaliland Midwives - Somaliland </div>
Somaliland Midwives - Somaliland
<div class="video-embed-description"> India - Family Planning </div>
India - Family Planning
<div class="video-embed-description"> India - Sex Trafficking </div>
India - Sex Trafficking
<div class="video-embed-description"> India - Economic Empowerment – Saving with Lakshmi  </div>
India - Economic Empowerment – Saving with Lakshmi
<div class="video-embed-description"> India - Pregnancy Health </div>
India - Pregnancy Health
<div class="video-embed-description"> India - Deworming </div>
India - Deworming
<div class="video-embed-description"> Kenya - Family Planning/Reproductive Health  </div>
Kenya - Family Planning/Reproductive Health
<div class="video-embed-description"> Kenya - Girls’ Empowerment  </div>
Kenya - Girls’ Empowerment
<div class="video-embed-description"> Kenya - Pregnancy In Health </div>
Kenya - Pregnancy In Health
<div class="video-embed-description"> Kenya - Deworming </div>
Kenya - Deworming
<div class="video-embed-description"> Liberia - Business Training </div>
Liberia - Business Training
<div class="video-embed-description"> Liberia - Reproductive Health  </div>
Liberia - Reproductive Health
<div class="video-embed-description"> A Day in the Life – Gender Norms  </div>
A Day in the Life – Gender Norms

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