Break the Chain National SBCC Campaign


This multi-level, multi-channel campaign includes a mass media component of TV spots, radio spots and dramas, and billboards, posters, and flyers for awareness raising and knowledge increase around MCP. The campaign addresses a key driver of the HIV epidemic in Namibia, the practice of multiple and concurrent sexual partnerships. The ultimate goal is reduction of HIV transmission in the country.The media component is linked to interpersonal communications consisting of IPC materials for use by civil society and other partners in communities and workplaces, to create discussion around MCP, transactional sex, cross-generational sex, and couples' communication. The Integrated Session Guides are participatory sessions that can be implemented by field workers and volunteers in communities, workplaces and clinical settings to generate discussion on the drivers of the HIV epidemic with target audiences in three age groups: 10-14, 15-24 and 25-49 years old. The Guides assist partners working in the prevention of HIV and will result in widespread discussion for behavior change, contributing to HIV reduction and prevalence in Namibia. Other producers of this project include NASOMA and the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology's Take Control Partnership.

Research & Testing

Take Control’s mission is to guide the development of social and behavior change communication (SBCC) strategies for HIV and AIDS through a consultative and participatory process. SBCC Strategies are designed to provide a coordinated basis for the activities of individual partner organizations on all levels of the response, national, regional and local. The objective of these strategies is to change knowledge, attitudes and those behaviors that impact HIV and AIDS in Namibia through the mobilization and coordination of partner efforts in communication on all levels and through all channels including mass media and inter-personal communication.

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Monitoring & Evaluation

The campaign was recognized in August 2010 for excellence in HIV and AIDS communication by the African Network for Strategic Communication in Health and Development (AfriComNet) in Johannesburg, South Africa. "Break the Chain" was the first runner-up in the category "Multi-Channel Communication Strategy", bringing together a highly visible mass media campaign with interpersonal communication interventions across Namibian communities. In a series of Focus Group Discussions conducted three months into the campaign across Namibia, respondents describe the campaign as "new" and "different". They also say that it made them re-evaluate their personal risk of HIV. The MCP TWG is currently in the process of developing a more formal first-phase evaluation to determine what impact has been made on knowledge so far.

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