Avian Influenza Materials for Educators in Africa

2006 Producer/Author: Academy for Educational Development


Two avian influenza prevention posters are included in this kit, along with a teacher's guide and children's stories in English, French, and Arabic.

Research & Testing

Communities in Western and Central Africa face a real threat of avian influenza (AI). UNICEF contracted the Academy for Educational Development (AED) to carry out community-based participatory action research (PAR) on AI, including how communities identify problems and determine appropriate courses of action. In October-November 2006 AED implemented PAR in six communities-- one urban/periurban community and one rural community in three locations: Burkina Faso plus Lagos State and Kano State in Nigeria. The results of the PAR confirm two fundamental approaches that AED has repeatedly found to be important: First, communications programs must be grounded in the local social, economic, and cultural context. Second, programs must use a mix of mass media and interpersonal channels.

Monitoring & Evaluation

The AI.COMM project has evolved into a program that has built communication and technical capacity over the short- and long-term, for both outbreak and response, and for longer-term preparedness. The hope is that this technical assistance has been true capacity building whereby Ministry officials down to local partners and village leaders can use communication processes and materials effectively to respond to ongoing public health challenges on their own.

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