C-Hub is Transitioning

Posted on Feb 21, 2013 by Kim Martin

Some exciting changes are taking place for the C-Hub online community. This global repository of health and development communication resources will be transitioning to a new platform under the new Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3).

The new platform will be more of a virtual “MarketPlace” for health communication implementers with added features. It will include a more robust forum for sharing and exchanging ideas and information about programs that use strategic health communication to improve health and save lives.

We hope to make this transition as seamless as possible. C-Hub will remain online and active with no expected downtime as we plan and develop the MarketPlace. You can also continue to add resources and download content from C-Hub. C-Hub members will be automatically upgraded to the MarketPlace when it is launched.

Find out more about HC3 at We will continue to update you as HC3 progresses and new resources and tools become available. Thank you for your interest in social and behavior change communication!

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